The daily sportsbook and fantasy provider reported on Tuesday that they would buy VSiN, but the early morning press release did not list any costs.

Brian Musburger, legendary broadcaster Brent Musburger’s nephew, created in 2017 VSiN, provides unbiased reporting and commentary on the sports betting world for up to 18 hours a day. Naturally, DraftKings has to do with booking sport bets. top online casino malaysiaThe two combinations—even though DraftKings maintains that the news release allows VSiN to retain complete “editorial freedom” – have already left some sports betting world’s mouths with a bad taste.


Jason Robins, co-founder of the DraftKings Board, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, said in the press release “VSiN produces genuine and factual content that resonates with sports betting at any stage, whether it’s seasoned or new to sports betting. In order to increase the benefit to customers, who are interested in becoming more acute on sports betting, VSiN is also equipped with a well-established infrastructure that DraftKings can automatically help to extend. 

In the four years it has been up and going, VSiN, headquartered in Las Vegas, saw its star grow. Its original programming can be viewed and heard every day on various outlets, including Comcast Xfinity, Sling TV and FuboTV as well as on the FM, FM and AM radio and a large number of Podcasts.

In addition to the Musburger clan, the former NFL executive Michael Lombardi, host of the Beating the Book podcast Gill Alexander, and Pauly Howard and Mitch Moss, cohosts of the popular morning show Follow the Money are other personalities throughout the VSiN network.

Sports book unite 

In June FanDuel signed the “Strategic Content and Delivery Agreement” with SportsGrid, which is the country’s first 24-hour sports betting network. This agreement, which has two firms working on content over 50 hours a week, also has a major warning: SportsGrid uses the codes, details and advertising of FanDuel only in the content.

There is not any indication of what odds, details or promotions VSiN is going to use in the draftKings/VSiN agreement, while business observers certainly will watch the piece of the ‘Maintaining Editorial Freedom’ puzzle, as stated in the press release.

VSiN, based in Las Vegas, markets, produces and distributes live betting contents every day for up to 18 hours. The original content of VSiN can be accessed through multiple video and audio channels in addition to its 24/7 feed. His talent pool features sports broadcaster Brent Musburger, and Michael Lombardi, a former NFL executive.

During editorial freedom, the Leadership Team will continue to oversee the daily service. DraftKings has stated that it is aimed at integrating the existing VSiN base with a total of 2 600 employees in Las Vegas, including its on-air talent. The determination to new collaborations to grow business is as solid as ever,” wrote Nylen in the annual report. “The next 12 months are full of sports, and while there are clear precautions, the general forecast is good.