When it comes to online casino gambling, there appears to be no end to the types of slots available to the player. Most casinos offer classic slots featuring three reels or video slots with five reels. The original land-based slot machine came with three reels, catering to the generation that played in casinos, pubs and shopping malls. Five reel slots resulted from modern computer technology and the virtual casinos hosted on the internet. Players from the old days tend to favor three reel slots as it reminds them of their youth while new players who got their start online usually prefer the more advanced five reel versions. There is far more that set these classifications apart other than the number of reels, as you will learn from this article.

More Features, Greater Opportunity

In regard to five reel slots, the addition of two reels make for a rather large number of possible combinations, which equates to more paylines, winning combinations and bigger payouts. Three reel slots were more of a one-size-fits all solution and very simplistic. Due to all the advancements and opportunities, the five reel variations are able to suit a wider range of playing temperaments. For instance, you have your slots that have been designed to give rare payouts of a million dollars, as well as others designed to give players substantially smaller but more frequent payouts. Another unique quality of five reel slots is the interactive bonus round that gives the player even more opportunities to win. With five reel slots becoming increasingly popular, their three reel counterparts are slowly being phased out.

Whether it is three reel or five reel variations on or offline, slots have evolved perhaps more than any other type of casino game. And while they have advanced tremendously throughout the years, one could say that this evolution is still on the rise. Today, slots are being changed on two fronts. The first is one is the overall gaming experience that has seen enhancements through enriched graphics, animation, music and other elements. The reels themselves have also been improved with lively symbols featuring wilds and varying themes. Wilds have become essential elements of slots and are evolving with variations such as stacked wild symbols and others that enhance the overall experience. The second front is taking place through a wide range of features that are being incorporated into slots at a rapid rate. Bonus games are now packed with more features and opportunities for the player to win. Rather than the simple and traditional pick and object type of games, more bonus games are offering challenges that have multi-level features and actually require skill.


Three reel and five reel slots have both come a long way since the inception of the first slot machine more than one hundred years ago. While this is also the case in land-based facilities, online casinos have benefited the most from these enhancements by far. Whether you decide to play the old fashion version or the modern variation, you are sure to have an exciting time with slots game that offer an experience outside of the usual.